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Pond Lighting >> Oase LunAqua Power LED Sets

Oase LunAqua Power LED Sets

Oase LunAqua Power LED Sets

Based on the huge success of OASE's fantastic range of Pond LED spotlights, these LunAqua Power LEDs are the brand new crowning jewel of the range, offering low energy consumption, brighter lights and long-lasting, beautiful effects on your pond.

LED technology is taking over the pond lighting game, and is constantly under development by leading brands, with OASE arguably in front of the pack. More energy efficient and much longer-lasting than older forms of electric pond lighting such as halogen, these Oase LunAqua Power LEDs feature a brighter light, and a smaller footprint on your electricity bill.

Featuring strong, compact and adjustable LED spotlights, these LunAqua Power LEDs are safe to use in and around your pond, with state-of-the-art waterproofing to keep things running.

Placed either around your pond or under the water, a LunAqua LED unit shines brightly, causing a wonderful glow effect when placed underneath the water line, or causing a pleasant shimmering effect on the water's surface. Perfect for Summer nights by the pond, and adding beautiful dynamics to your garden.

Even better, for a truly professional touch these LEDS can be connected to your garden control system such as an Oase FM Master WLAN, allowing you easy operation, dimming and on/off facilities from a control panel, or even an app on your smart phone!

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
42635Oase LunAqua Power LED (Single light)£99.99 Add to Cart
42633Oase LunAqua Power LED Set 1£239.99 Add to Cart
42634Oase LunAqua Power LED Set 3£439.99 Add to Cart
42636Oase LunAqua Power LED cable 10 m£39.99 Add to Cart