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New Vision, the World Leaders in Interactive Koi Programmes, are proud to bring you "The Koi Keepers - Volume 4", a continuing look at some of the finest koi ponds of the early 21st century.

This volume features some of the most famous names on the UK koi keeping circuit, people whose dedication and service to the hobby dates back many years. Many award-winning koi are bowled and shown, allowing the viewer a close up view of some truly high class Nishikigoi.

In each case, a detailed explanation of the featured system is supplemented with comments from the Koi Keepers themselves, giving the viewer an in-depth look at some stunning ponds.

As with previous volumes, the NEW VISION team continue to produce quality programming for koi keepers across the world. Creative and enjoyable, yet full of pertinent information, this DVD is of the highest quality, in terms of both the people it features and in its production values.

Real Ponds... Real People...

Producer: New Vision Videos, Run-time: 60 minutes