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Hydro Pumps HPS Range
Dont forget to test your water

Welcome to the wonderful world of koi keeping, please look through our massive range of products where you will find probably everything you will need to build your dream pond, why not start out by viewing our resource section, where you can enjoy our Pond Planning calculator and pump cost calculator.

Our existing customers will notice a Koi Forum, where we will be on hand to help you along the way to decide which products to go for, Pond Construction Help, Japan Trip Diaries, Members Koi and Ponds, a section for Product Review, Koi Health Advice, but best of all provide an online meeting place for koi enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world.

You will find, we feel the best in class Filtration Systems, Energy Efficient Water Pumps, Professional Air pumps, UV Systems, Heaters, Koi Food, Pipework, Auto Feeders and many other products.



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New Airtech 70 Air pump kit

The Airtech 70 Air Pump kit comes complete with an Airtech 70 Air Pump, 4 way manifold, 10m airline and 2 air stones.

The new Airtech 70 Air Pump joins the very popular professional Airtech Air Pump range

As we all know, oxygen is vital to all aquatic inhabitants whether they are koi, goldfish, tropical, marine fish or bacteria.

The Airtech 70 Air Pump kit provides high performance using the very best diaphragm technology. 

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Eazy Pod Air Autumn 2008 Deals
Through out Autumn 2008 we have the Eazy Pod at £325.00 and Eazy Pod Air at £360.00 grab yourself  a bargain as the prices are set to go up in the New Year!

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Elecro Satellite Aquatic Heater

The New Elecro Satellite Aquatic heater has been designed specifically for applications where the Elecro Pond heater must be inaccessible sited, allowing full monitoring and control of the heater from a remote location (up to 5-metres from the heater).
The New Elecro Satellite Aquatic heater is available in Stainless Steel for fresh water applications or Titanium for salt-water applications. The New Elecro Satellite Aquatic heater has been designed for safety and easy installation.

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Digital Water Flow Meters

Introducing the Digi-Flow Water Meters

Exclusive to Absolute Koi these carefully engineered Digi-Flow meters include the very best features and provide outstanding performance. The Digi-flow Unit is a digital flow meter and will give you the actual water flow with a easy to read 6 digit LCD reading in Litres per minute (Lpm).

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Featured Products

Blagdon Enhance LED Pond ...
Blagdon Enhance LED Pond Lighting (5 x 3 watt LED)

Blagdon have developed a superb range of LED garden and underwater lights for outdoor & submersible p...

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ProfiDrum Stainless 65e D...
ProfiDrum Stainless 65e Drum Filter

Profidrum Stainless 65e Drum Filters are state of the art fully automatic rotary drum filters, the Profid...

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Oase ProMax ClearDrain 11...
Oase ProMax ClearDrain 11000 Drainage Pump Oase ClearDrain Drainage 11000 pumps are designed for pumping unwanted water from cellars, bas...
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ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30
ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 Introducing the New ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 puts together all our experie...

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Elecro 900 EVO Stainless ...
Elecro 900 EVO Stainless Steel Aquatic Pond Heaters (Stainless Steel)

The Elecro 900 EVO Stainless Steel Aquatic heater has been designed especially for the Fish & Koi marke...

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Superfish Pond ECO Plus R...
Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 5000
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Evolution Aqua Evo UV 15 ...
Evolution Aqua Evo UV 15 watt

Absolute Koi are proud to announce the development of a range of new ultraviolet lights.

Evolution ...

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Introducing our very own skimmer, The Ultraskim is the latest and probably the newest design on the koi mar...

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