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Auto Flush Digital Timers


Auto Flush Digital Timers

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Auto Flush Digital Timers

These digital timers enable auto flushing to the 24 Volt DC Solenoid Valve, they simply enable you to set 20 auto flushes a day to keep the membranes nice and clean, the 24 Volt DC Solenoid Valve simply Open's when energised

These parts are made to the highest specification, and are suitable for water filters, RO Reverse Osmosis water filters.

Auto Flush Digital Timer Features

  • 7 Day Digital Timers
  • AM, PM or 24 hour settings
  • 140 programmable settings per week
  • Digital display with 24 hour or AM/PM settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Random on/off function
  • Battery backup
  • Rated 8A/2000W
  • Rated input - 240 Volt - 50Hz
  • Maximum output - 2000 Watts
  • IP rating - IP20
  • Working temperature- 0-55 degrees C
  • Time setting interval - 1 minute min